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indanial_ugh: Did you find it?

squidtrip: nope, found something else

indanial_ugh: Another algorithm/script?

squidtrip: yup

indanial_ugh: Better than sokky's?

squidtrip: would i come to you with anything subpar?

squidtrip: ****

indanial_ugh: It's a python script, seriously? That's gonna be so slow

squidtrip: dude, you have no idea. i looked at sokky's script and it was...just a mess. it was like spaghetti. golang can only optimize so far before it just becomes nonsensical. i tried to help him clean it up but he wouldn't take any of the improvements. he was claiming it's "faster than any script you could ever write"

indanial_ugh: He's always so fucking arrogant. Thinks he's some hotshot, we should have taken care of him sooner.

squidtrip: taken care of him? you make it sound like we murdered him :P

indanial_ugh: You know what I mean. Can we transpile this into Golang?

squidtrip: too big, the transpiler wouldn't know what to do.

indanial_ugh: Aight, lemme take a look.

\* indanial_ugh downloaded \*

indanial_ugh: Is there any way to understand any of this? It looks like gibberish. I mean, I don't write python but I would figure I'd be at least able to understand a few words here and there. What's with the cryptic variables?

squidtrip: it's obfuscated, that's how I got this one. but i think i have the unobfuscated version too

indanial_ugh: Why didn't you send me that one first??

squidtrip: i thought you wanted to try it! there's some optimizations in there that only allow it to run in that form. the interpreter fucks up if you run it raw. unless you run it in python 5, but then it doesn't actually do "the thing"

squidtrip: ****

indanial_ugh: Wow's that's pretty clever. Checking it now, thanks. Do you run untrusted code on your computer without looking at it first or something?


indanial_ugh: Then don't expect me to?

squidtrip: don't give me sass young lady

indanial_ugh: Whatever :P Who wrote this, and why didn't they leave their name in the script?

squidtrip: someone with the handle pricnik

indanial_ugh: Never heard of them, did you get it /from/ them?

squidtrip: no, i got it from someone he knows. listen, i gotta go, if you need anything urgent, just send me an email.

I can't stress how much I appreciate squidtrip's connections and resources. When he set up this server (when SixtyS0mething started, more on that later), there was like 60 of us. Now there's just a tenth of that, but he still takes this just as seriously, if not more. He also takes care of us, especially me.

We set this server up a few years ago when someone within the group decided to cut off our communication. He was a snitch. He didn't just take the server offline; he took the server off the rack and gave it to the feds. What he didn't realize is that every one of us was running an IRC bouncer; except for him, apparently. An IRC bouncer is a fancy way of saying "always online client". It keeps a log of the chat history while you're offline. We noticed that Sokky's client was the only one to disconnect before the server went offline. It was trivial to figure out it was him.

The only other person with the security clearance that gave him physical access to our server was squidtrip and he would die for the cause, not kill it. squidtrip never liked Sokky, all things told. He was arrogant, and was also an entertainment personality. When you're a hacker, you just don't mix entertainment and real life fame with that.

The worst part is that he played stupid with this whole scheme. He wanted to expose us as hackers so that he could "get out" without too many repercussions. But while /we/ knew who he was IRL, most others didn't. It didn't take them long to find out though. While we lost a lucrative contract because this asshole exposed what we were doing, it wasn't for naught.

Sokky, the online persona, tried to make it look like he had been arrested but it looked suspicious. Others outside SixtyS0mething dug deeper and found the links between the online persona and the real life entertainment personality. Then, while he was doing an interview, he was informed that personal information linking him to the hacker persona had been reveal.

It was the best, seeing his reaction live. Serves him right. He thinks we did the doxxing, but we didn't even try; we didn't have to either. When a hacker makes a big deal about "leaving", they're usually not actually leaving and just having a change of heart about the type of hacker they want to be. Some hackers don't take kindly to this kind of begging for attention because it smells like moral elitism; as if they're better than the black hats or something. Sounds like something he would do.

Sokky was arrested on screen, surprisingly. There just so happened to be a crew of cops hanging out at the donut place next to the recording studio that Sokky was being interviewed at. Stereotypical, I know.

"Daniella, what the fuck are you looking at?"

Fuck he made me jump. Of course he barges in the moment a nude photo pops up in my Mastodon feed. Aaand mute. I turn to face Andrew, my brother, and ask him what he wants.

"Do you need anything at the store?" he asks.

"Umm, yeah, but I'm gonna come with you," I start to get out of my chair after locking my account on-screen, but then he holds his hand up.

"No, you don't have to, I'll get it for you."

"I need tampons, do you /really/ want to come?" I retort

"K, whatever. Get your shit ready and let's go"