GeneraList is a simple yet powerful todo list webapp.
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GeneraList is a simple yet powerful todo list server using MongoDB for persistent storage and express for routing

How to install

npm install



To use GeneraList in a production environment, run the following:

npm run prod


To run the server in development mode run npm run dev

Setting up your environment


In order to develop for the server you'll need the following to be installed:

  • npm/nodejs to run the server
  • MongoDB for persistent storage
  • node-dev for continuous development testing

Populating the database

Firstly make sure that MongoDB is active:

sudo systemctl status mongod


curl localhost:27017

Note: The latter will result in a message about accessing MongoDB over HTTP if the service is running

Next run npm run populate to populate the database. Running this will start the RESTful web server on port 3000.

To test if the database was properly populated, run npm run dev then open your web browser and navigate to the web address localhost:3000/tasks and you should get an array of 15 tasks.

You can also drop the database by running npm run drop-tables

Modifying test data

The files used to populate the database for testing are located in dev/test-data.


This repository is mirrored in GitLab and Gitea. This is a private repository for the time being. Please email me at for access if you wish to submit an issue there.