This is a temporary home for the Ezine named "In-Security Bytes"
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In-Security Bytes

In-Security Bytes is an e-zine dedicated to education on the topics of:

  • Computer Security (CompSec)
  • Data Privacy and
  • Technological Freedoms

Featuring both written and digital art pieces, the intersection of these topics is presented as an alternative to the commentary provided by the mainstream media.

##The Writing The written publications to be featured in the e-zine will be discussing a variety of topics but will also take inspiration from those related to topics mentioned in the NSA security propaganda posters. Opinion and objective/educational pieces will be published but personal accounts are also encouraged, we’re all human after all! Pieces will range somewhere between 500 to 2000 words, with a select few quotes placed here and there throughout the e-zine.

The first (and hopefully not only) issue of the e-zine will focus on the monolithic data leaks becoming more common in the past few years but also related topics like proper password hygiene, having the right privacy settings on your smartphone, and protecting personal information like your home address and social security number. This are just ideas, though.

##The Art The initial focus of the e-zine is to get some art published relating to those three topics. With beautiful full page pieces, and some double-page spreads, you’ll be able to appreciate the commentary of many digital artists on the data leaks, the privacy scares, and the malicious activities of the biggest technology corporations (and corporations in general) in all their glories!

The first issue of the e-zine will take direct inspiration from the NSA posters published by The Government Attic last year via a FOIA request, making reference to contemporary events relating to the topics above. Artists are highly encouraged to use the color palettes presented in the linked posters, as there are many.

##Length The length of the e-zine will depend on the number of submissions received but the target is between 30 and 40 pages as this will allow the designers of the e-zine to add extra flourish here and there and to properly format pieces in a way that is attractive to the eyes. Art pieces will either be full-page (letter/A4) or double-page in size, but 1/3 page pieces will also be accepted to be used as headers for longer written pieces. Written pieces will have to be more than 500 words, but less than 2,000 words. Pieces longer than that may be accepted, if the quality is exceptional.

Additionally, visual and written pieces that did not “make the cut” for the e-zine will be published on a here’s-more-works-to-enjoy-type page on the website.

##Donations The e-zine will not be sold, but freely available for anyone to download at no cost. However, we will be accepting donations towards an organization (democratically chosen) dedicated to data privacy, information security, and or technological freedom.

##Timeline You can find the projected timeline here to know when submissions will be opened, when voting will occur, and when the e-zine will be published.

More information will surface as the project progresses.