This is a temporary home for the Ezine named "In-Security Bytes"
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Note: This document is a work in progress. Later milestone contents will be revised as the project moves along and more details have been fleshed out.


This document outlines the tentative timeline, requirements, and time-based expectations for the infosec-focused EZine project, In-Security Bytes, piloted by Brandon ‘LinuxLiaison’ Nolet. All dates are subject to discussion and change, dependent on the decisions of the folks participating in this project.


August 16th: Call to Action

Initial publication of this timeline. This will also be the time when Brandon calls on folks to help participate in the behind-the-scenes part of the project. Those involved in the infosec and art communities are encouraged to reach out to Brandon via Mastodon or email for more information. Desired skills are those related to marketing, design, and communication are assets.

Between this date and the next milestone date, more documentation and resources will be developed relating to the project. These include topic guidelines for writers, artistic guidelines for digital art contributors, and voting procedures. A code of conduct will be developed in order to foster proper interaction between the team and contributors.

As well, a website will be worked on to offer a home for the ezine where all documentation and resources can be found.

August 26th: Marketing

The project will officially begin “marketing” of the ezine and gathering interest for it. Artists and writers alike will be encouraged to begin preparing their submissions for the submission opening date (September 16th).

This will involve posting to social media groups and generally talking about the project with various people. Artists and infosec writers alike will be contacted to ask if they’d like to contribute a piece to the project, while ahdering to the project’s Code of Conduct

September 6th: Submission Documentation

With the finalization of submission guidelines and requirements finalized, they’ll be posted to the ezine website for public viewing. More artists and writers will be contacted at this point in time and those already contacted will be kept in the loop by contacting them to notify of the submission guideline publication.

The marketing effort is still ongoing.

At this time, contributors, planners, and potential audience will be called on for submissions as to where they would wish donations to be given to. Guidelines for accepted target suggestions will be published at the same time. Of course, potential recipients should relate to infosec, or at least technology in general.

September 13th: Donation Target Vote

Voting will open for a potential recipient of donations to be collected on and following the publication date.

September 16th: Donating Target Vote Close and Submission Opening

With the donation recipient finally decided, they’ll be contacted them to let them know what’s going on. They’ll also be asked if they’d like to help in marketing the e-zine as part of their recipiency.

A page has been set up for artists and writers to submit their pieces for consideration. The project is finally ready to accept submissions and links will be sent out by the planning team via social media, and notable individuals will be contact in hopes of a submission from them, while adhering to the project’s Code of Conduct.

September 30th: Submission Deadline and Deliberation

11:59pm on this day will close the submission page and send thanks, via email, to those who submitted their works, with information on the deliberation and voting processes. The emails provided in the submission form will be used as primary mode of contact for the remainder of the project. Contributors will be contacted in the case of any questions regarding their work.

Over the course of the next week, deliberation will be held between the members of the planning team to decide which pieces to publish within the e-zine. Worry not, those not published in the e-zine will still be published under an “additional submissions” web page on the e-zine website.

October 7th: Voting

After deliberation, low-res images of the art submissions and excerpts of the written submissions will be featured on web pages on the e-zine website. This feature will allow visitors to vote on their favourite submissions. If there are 7 submissions of each type or less, this voting process will simply help decide the priority of each piece. Priority will relate to how prominently a piece is featured within the e-zine. These priorities include larger spreads, feature on the front page, etc. Regular magazine stuff.

October 14th: Voting Close

At 11:59pm, voting will close and the results will be reviewed. Spreads will be decided over the next week and the publication will be finalized over the course of the following week.

Marketing of the e-zine will continue, announcing the publication date. Media will be produced for this to increase the appearance of a “fully thought out” project.

October 31st: Publication

It’s finally here! The project has wrapped everything up and the e-zine will be available for download with donation links available!

Folks will be available to answer questions and explain more about their pieces. All will be encouraged to discuss the e-zine publicly, especially in the context of their pieces.

November 14th: Donation Close

The project will stop collecting donations at 11:59pm and the following day the final amount to be donated to the donation target will be publicly reported.

The recipient of the donation will be asked to report the amount they receive on their own website as well, but will not demand that such a thing occurs to receive the donation.