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Discovery on Mastodon + 5 Stages of AYCE Sushi

Brandon Nolet 5 months ago
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author = ["Brandon Nolet"]
date = 2019-11-10T11:01:41-04:00
tags = ["mastodon", "social media", "discovery", "followers"]
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## Introduction {#introduction}

Hi all, you might have found this post because you were looking for ways to find more people to interact with (or some people at all), and are someone who's recently joined Mastodon. I'm signed up to which is an _instance_ focused on Free and Open Source Software, hence the FOSS. This is one of many instances in the fediverse, a decentralized social media network, which consists of a wide variety of softwares and people.
Hi all, you might have found this post because you were looking for ways to find more people or interact with some people to begin with someone who's recently joined Mastodon. I'm signed up to which is an _instance_ focused on Free and Open Source Software, hence the FOSS.

This post is written with the goal in mind of both introducing someone to Mastodon but also how to find other people in an appropriate manner.

@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@ You can also help yourself be discovered by using hashtags in your own post, lik
I try to follow a "within a sentence and less than (or equal to) 4" rule. If you can include the hashtag, naturally, within a sentence, then by all means use it as long as you have no more than 4 hashtags in the toot.

## Conversations/Threads {#conversations-threads}
## Conversations\\/Threads {#conversations-threads}

One of the lesser known ways to find people of similar interests is to look through the conversations of people you follow are having with other folks. More often than not I find someone I follow having a conversation and then following the person they were having a conversation with.

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title = "The Five Stages of All-you-can-eat Sushi"
author = ["Brandon Nolet"]
date = 2019-12-01T10:41:17-04:00
tags = ["sushi", "humour", "food"]
draft = false

## Hunger {#hunger}

This usually sets off your desire for all-you-can-eat(ayce) sushi. You're extremely hungry and, you know what, you haven't had sushi in quite a while. You could go for sushi but you're not exactly sure what kind. You went to this place a while ago with a friend and remembered you liked most of what you tried, so you'll go again.

## Anticipation {#anticipation}

The decision is made, you're going for sushi ayce style. You're excited now and can't wait until lunch time. You've invited a friend or two, because you don't want to be _that_ person who eats ayce sushi alone like a slob.

You're trying to find a time that's not too close to lunch but not too late as well. You wanna combine lunch and dinner because you know that you'll eat a lot and you don't want to be consuming _too many_ calories. By noon your stomach is growling, the anticipation is building and you're musing about all the different types of sushi you're gonna have. Ayce sushi is _great_ to find out what your favourite types of sushi are.

## Joy {#joy}

It's _finally_ time to go to the ayce sushi restaurant! It's about _time_! You're walking up to the restaurant, getting in, and sitting down. The menu in front of you, you're extremely excited to see all the different kinds of sushi at your (and your friends) disposal. You negotiate with your friends about which sushi you're going to get and how much. Are we _really_ going to get the garlic mushrooms and general tao chicken? You can get that somewhere else. Just place the order already I'm starving!

After a moment of conversation, a huge plate of various sushi arrives and it's time to dig in! Do they have the right soya sauce for this? Is it of decent quality? Thank goodness, pour it in my little bowl! Don't forget, it's bad to waste. Don't order too much next time. It's time to dig in and my god does it taste good. And it's so colourful! And it's got a good texture. Was that what you ordered? I think I ordered three of that, this one's yours. Don't eat my handroll!

## Satisfaction {#satisfaction}

So you _really_ liked the first order of sushi, you're ready for more! You foolishly pick up the menu a second time and start on a second order, with more negotiations about what you liked and what you didn't.

Do you want more of this? God all this food is so good! But I want to try this one too, so I'll get that, and that. You want that? Okay put it on the order. No, we got this kind and this one, not that one. Okay, we can try that too. All this sushi is so good! Okay, order placed. Aren't you glad we came here? I don't know about you but I was seriously craving this sushi. Oh shit...that's a lot more than I thought we ordered. Bah, we can finish it.

## Regret {#regret}

Oh god, I can't eat another bite, you gotta help me finish this.

You're regretting every single decision that brought you to this point. Between ordering a second round, wanting to not only explore new menu items but also have the same ones you liked in the first round, and your friends refusing to help you with the general tao chicken and the last of the hokkaido rolls, you feel like you've made a grave mistake. No, you're not hungry anymore but your stomach also feels like it's about to explode. With every other bite of sushi you start to feel a tiny bit more nauseous. Your stomach rebuffs on the decision to eat another bite and it's suddenly difficult to actually stand up.

On your way home you decide to either walk a distance you'd drive/take public transit or take the long walk around to get back home. The moment you sit down at home, you're absolutely tired but still bursting at the seams. Bending down to untie your shoes causes agony, you can feel your stomach is a little more rotund than usual when laying down in bed.

You're super ready to hibernate for a while now that you're so full.