This is the repository where I store a full copy of my blog. It's so small, so it's no big deal.
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My blog

Welcome to the repository for my blog. Here you can find all the configuration, assets, content, etc. from my blog located here.


People are clammoring over the theme of my blog. I really like it too! But I didn't make it. The author of the theme is rhazdon and they were inspired by the hello-friend and hermit themes. All thanks for that should go to them.

I may make slight modifications to the theme itself but you'll be able to see that in the commits that follow.


Aside from the theme, all content here is licensed under a CC-BY-SA license. This means that you can share anything on my blog elsewhere(even for money!) so long as you include attribution (give me credit) and you share the content under the same license. You're allowed to modify the content before resharing, though any changes must be prominently displayed somewhere in the vicinity of the modified content. See LICENSE.txt for more information.