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Unflippy Boi

Unflippy Boi is an (unfinished) bot the replies to statuses on the fediverse that contain flipped table, unflipping them while criticizing the table-flipper.


Create a .env file in the directory you cloned this repository to containing the variables ACCESS_TOKEN and INSTANCE_URL.

ACCESS_TOKEN can be found by creating an application at https://YOUR-INSTANCE.EXAMPLE/settings/applications and using the string in the Your access token field

INSTANCE_URL is the url at which your bot account/application was created.

Give the application the following Scopes:

- read:notifications
- read:statuses
- write:conversations
- write:statuses

Run npm install and then npm run start


This bot was (mostly) created by linuxliaison. You can either contact him on the Fediverse or via email.


This work was licensed under GPLv3. Check out the LICENSE file.